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Play with the Soccer Resort and your next trip could be an even better deal - your team could win $1000's of Soccer Resort Travel Prizes! Another reason to join the Soccer Resort (apart from the fun, great hotels, luxurious soccer fields, and overall good vibrations!) is our generous Soccer Resort travel credit and discount program for winning and runners-up teams.

Playing with the Soccer Resort can make travel to future tournaments cheaper and cheaper - play at one location and head to Vegas, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Dublin, London, Iceland, Hawaii, Montreal and other locations on a discount!

How does it work?
We don't pretend it's like winning the lottery, but if you happen to make the final and win or are runners-up at a Soccer Resort tournament, you automatically win a team discount off future hotel and tournament packages to fun places like Las Vegas, Miami, New Orleans, San Diego and further afield. It takes a little pressure off the wallet. This can be anything up to $100 per person - which is a pretty generous discount! They are valid for up to 6 months from the date of victory. Here's a sample of the prizes on offer:

Sample Soccer Resort Prizes
* Winner of A division = $1000 or $100 per person maximum discount
* Winner of B Division = $750 or $75 per person maximum discount
* Winner of C Division = $500 or $50 per person maximum discount
* Winner of Consolation Cup Division - $400 per person maximum discount
* Winner of O30's /40's = $1000 or $100 per person maximum discount

* Runners up A division = $500 or $50 per person maximum discount
* Runners up B division = $300 or $30 per person maximum discount
* Runners up C division = $200 or $20 per person maximum discount
* Runners Consolation Cup Division = $200 or $20 per person maximum discount
* Runners up O30's /40's = $300 or $30 per person maximum discount

In Summary
So if you planned on joining us in Las Vegas in August 2007 for our cool evening classic - the Hotel and tournament package for four days, three nights, 2 days of soccer, all tournament costs included as well as transport to the tournament (no need to rent-a-car), and all taxes (no surprises) starts at $329.

If you won an A tournament and wanted to apply your discount to Vegas travel - you could deduct $100 from the price mentioned above and it could cost you only $229 instead - an even greater deal! Any questions - email us at - for all the fine print, read on below!


Terms and Conditions
Please note that when The Soccer Resort offers Soccer Resort travel credit prizes for it's future tournaments - for example "Play in the Boston tournament and win a team travel credit trip to Vegas for $1000", this is valid for no more than $100 per person total.

These prizes cannot be used in conjunction with any other Soccer Resort travel prizes. The team captain may allocate these prizes among his her players - and it is only valid for the players that won the prize.

These prizes are valid ONLY for the future tournament for which the prize is advertised (for example, play in Boston, win VEGAS travel credit is only valid for the Vegas tournament). And this is valid for no more than six months from the date of the win.

It is available on a "use it or lose it" basis - meaning the team must use it for this tournament or series of tournaments or it becomes invalid for any other future tournament. Should a team win the credit, and use it for the trip - any players that do not use their credit for this trip by not traveling, cannot transfer it to a future tournament.

If a player's team is not traveling to the tournament, up to three individuals from that team may use the credit to play with another team. To ascertain the value of the credit - simply divide the team credit by the number of players playing on a team when the credit was won - but it may not exceed the amounts outlined in the summary of prizes below.

These prizes are not transferable and cannot be transferred from one player to another. They are valid only for the players who qualified for the prize.

Please note
Because the Soccer Resort is a growing, but still small company we must put some of these terms and conditions on these prizes, because the prizes (while generous) need to make sense for the customers and for the Soccer Resort.  We hope you understand, we're not trying to be difficult - it's just this kind of generosity needs to be carefully managed to avoid abuse. Thanks for your time!